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Photographs Main Video Clips

For your convenience media footage has been specially configured to jump to each video shot if so desired. To do this, click on a link below.

Video shots in Media Footage:

Aerial looking NW
Aerial overlooking Main Injector facing NE
Aerial Fixed Target Area
Wilson Hall Atrium
Main Control Room
Cockcroft Walton crane shot
LINAC interior drift chamber
LINAC side coupled cavaties
Main Injector zoom out
Tevatron crane shot
Tevatron steadicam shot
Pan across PBAR Rings
Dolly/Pan Across PBAR
CDF Detector tilt down
CDF Control Room misc.
CDF Control Room with clocks!
CDF Detector tilt down
CDF rollout timelapse
Climbing into CDF Detector
MCU Silicon Vertex Detector in fixture
Silicon Vertex Detector I construction QC
CU Silicon Strip Detector traces
Installing Silicon Vertex Detector I into CDF
DZERO Control Room first collisions
DZERO Rollout Timelapse X1
DZERO Solenoid Magnet installation
KTEV Fixed Target Beam Pipe
KTEV Cesium Iodide Block House
KTEV timelapse sequence mixdown
KTEV Control Room pan
KTEV Control Room
Soudan Mine Head
Soudan Cavern
Neutrino Fixed Target Experiment Control Room
WS Tape robot
Dolly shot computers
Massively parallel computer
Top announcement auditorium
Prairie grass
MCU prairie flowers in wind
Oak savannah in middle of accelerator
Tallgrass prairie crane shot
Prairie Seed Harvest - preparation
Prairie Seed Harvest - zoom shot
Prairie Seed Harvest - dumping seeds
Prairie burn lighting fire
Prairie burn 01
Prairie burn tall flames
Prairie burn monitering flames
Universe in a Jar
Ed Center - accelerator
Ed Center - computer lab
Cryo demo in elementary school
Cryo demo pouring liquid nitrogen
Buffalo calves
Buffalo inoculation CU
Buffalo inoculation release side shot
Buffalo inoculation release front shot
CDF Top event display
DZERO Top event display
Atom dive into quark animation
Fixed Target animation
Colliding beam animation
Virtual Reality version of CDF collision
MiniBooNE animation
CMS component construction
CMS scintillating fiber installation
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